Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Weekend Wedding!

This weekend Piers and I were in Bloomington, Indiana, to celebrate the wedding of my wonderful sister. I'd forgotten how uncomfortably muggy the weather is there. We left a snowy Colorado behind so the warm weather was welcome, but the humidity was nearly unbearable. What a great wedding, though! Piers did the photography and I danced the night away.

For everyone who loved my necklace, please check out Holly's website to see all her gorgeous creations. Also, here's a link for the woman in Breckenridge who made my handbag - check out a newer style.

The past few weeks I have been consumed with moving - out of the gallery and into my studio. I had to make a curtain for the loft at the gallery, so of course I made a pillow next, and had to remind myself to stay on track. (Anyone remember the book, If You Give A Mouse A Cookie?) I made three teapots and a pitcher last week, and since it snowed/rained all weekend, they're not even dry yet. I'm off to the studio for some last-minute smoothing now...

Friday, May 1, 2009

Prepping the Studio

We've been moving the house around to accommodate the new studio. Piers set up his office upstairs; here we are about to eat dinner on his desk:

Piers took some action shots of me painting:

We had some great news today: Instead of it taking another 3-4 weeks to get our beetle kill flooring, it'll be ready to be picked up tomorrow! Piers might be able to get to it this weekend, and then I'll move my studio in next week. I'm holding off on moving my kiln - maybe by the end of this month. It's more of a convenience than a necessity to bring it home, so I'll probably wait until June.
All of the changes have been very exciting!