Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Restocking Salida

Work, work, work. (That's a good thing.)

I've actually managed to take a couple of photos of my progress, although there's tons more. I always seem to be behind on taking photographs and then I "promise" to do better... At least this time I have a follow-up from April's post of lost pieces: at the end of this post you'll see the shorter ribbon vase I only previously showed as greenware.

Sugar bowls & creamers, plus regular bowls & a new ribbon vase.

Way cool casserole dishes. I glazed the one on the left already and I love it!

On Monday, I drove down to Salida to visit my dear friend Nikki's gallery, Eye Candy Art & Treasure. Nikki displays vintage pinup images amid the jewelry, painting, photography, pottery, etc. (hence the name Eye Candy). Some of my dear friends display their art here as well.

 How much fun to enjoy a hot day. It snowed last week in the mountains.

I brought some new work to display. There's a lot of bisqueware lounging around my living room that I should probably glaze...

I love my new bowls. They're soooo much fun to make. Nikki chastised me for not bringing more! I'll glaze more soon and then Piers can bring them down. He's volunteered because he'll get a chance to soak at the hot springs on the way home...