Saturday, July 21, 2012

Festival in the Clouds

It's that time again! Alma's 15th annual Festival in the Clouds is this weekend, with live music and vendors all day Saturday and Sunday. The music was great today and belly dancers performed in the grass in front of the stage. 

For pottery, too, things went really well. Mostly sunny skies, a cool breeze, and lots of sales. At 10 am, this is what things looked like:

Around noon, Piers unloaded the kiln and brought new pieces for display. A few of the new items are below, but there were lots more.

Hearts for my brother-in-law Jesse, who displayed photos in my booth last year but passed away May 25.

I've sold a lot of pottery! My booth is starting to look sparse. I'll look around for a few final items this evening to bring over in the morning.

Fingers crossed for another day with no rain!