Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Where are my May Flowers?

This is the time to vacation! Tourists have disappeared and the days drag along. Usually, it's muddy outside, a real in-between season when the ground's too soft for a long hike or run - or you're stymied by several-foot-high snow fields lurking in shady sections of the trail. This year, however, we've hardly entered mud season at all. It keeps snowing... and snowing...

The first of May came in with a bang: my glaze firing turned out well, and when I brought the new work to Coyote Creek Gallery, I sold one of the pieces right away, a medium-sized footless bowl that flared out at the top. Talk about immediate gratification...

Ta-da! Reassembling most of the work from the bisque photo in my last post
A few days later, I was on the plane with my husband, flying to see my parents in Bloomington, IN. I was excited to be drenched in sunshine and Midwest mugginess! Ironically, the weather at home turned beautiful while we were away, and Bloomington was still groggily shedding its winter chill. Here I am, enthusiastically embracing summery blossoms, while wearing ...a scarf and a sweater. Grumble. Then as the weather improved, I got sick. Shoot! And back in Colorado, it's been overcast and snowy since our return home. ARGH!

I just have to be a little more patient. The sun is shy.

Spring has sprung in my studio. I'm happy for the inspiration I've gotten from the frosty weather; I'm adding brighter colors, and using leaves and flowers in my work. Photos are coming soon!