Monday, September 12, 2011

Saturday's Show

Saturday was loads of fun! Linda Susak hung colorful oil paintings on the walls of the gallery, and I had five pedestals of work. I sold some pieces and got a commission, so it was a success!  Plus, there were plenty of fun people to talk to.

Sipping Tea with the One I Love, Fragrant Steam Curling Around Fresh Blossoms
Tea Set 1: Timid Blossoms  (Can you see them?)
Tea Set #2: Tumbling Blossoms
Floral Refreshment; Service for Four
Fresh Blossoms for the Kitchen

The last pedestal is away from the front window, by itself.

Where Flowers Come From

This is the blurb I have accompanying the work:

I studied ceramics in college, working both on and off the wheel.  Nearly ten years after graduating, I still adore how slow, thoughtful hand building complements the fast pace of throwing.  It is a joy to create these floral pieces: first, I throw the utilitarian shapes on the wheel, then while I wait for them to dry I form the flowers and carefully attach them.  For each piece, I imagine I am creating an arrangement in a vase.  Some blossoms are poised upward, soaking in the sun; others face forward confidently; my favorite ones are floating lazily, perhaps caught in a breeze, snagged just before they fall to the ground.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Getting Ready

This Friday I'm setting up a show at the Breckenridge Theatre Gallery.  The reception is on Saturday, from 4-6pm.  Here's a sneak peek at one of my teapot sets:

The flower glaze is less yellow in person.
I have a bit more to do to finish the rest of the pieces, but I think I'll be ready.  I'd better be ready!

On September 13, I fly off to Turkey with one of my best friends (Eric) for our other best friend's wedding (Zeynep).  Eric came up with the idea of giving a pitcher as a wedding gift because it can be functional or displayed, depending on the couple's whim.  He also came up with the glaze combination, which I really like - neutral enough for everyday use, but lovely enough to show off.

Hmmm. The glaze looks kinda messy in this photo.
There are two roses on the front of the pitcher to represent Zeynep and her husband, and the little rosebud symbolizes their future together...

Here you can see the glaze better, a nice honey color.

I can't wait for the Istanbul adventure!  I'm sure I'll get tons of inspiration from the food, the colors, the culture, and of course the beautiful wedding!