Saturday, August 24, 2013

Animals, Bicycles, and Pots in Happy Homes

This is a picture I received from my client in Missouri - she originally sent me photos and asked me to make a vase for this particular table. That was quite a challenge! I'm very excited that it turned out well.

This client really likes her new food dish - but I'm not sure how content she is that the bowl is EMPTY.

Here's some of my latest work, just glazed, ready for the kiln:

These are my latest drawings - road bikes & moose. Here they are out of the kiln (my photos don't do the bikes justice - the finished look is really sharp, like the moose):

Commission for an early September wedding, $35 each.

They like biking & drinking beer, so these oversized coffee mug "steins" celebrate both.

Same "stein" concept for the moose. These are on their way to Winter Park. $35 each.

Next up, I've thrown some small blue bowls (the ones I sold at Alma Fest, $12 each) and green mugs ($18 each) that I'll post on Etsy. At the back is a teapot for the Apothecary which I absolutely LOVE - after I add the spout this afternoon, I'll take a photo to share.

Finally, here's a look at me working in my studio, trimming a bowl for the double yarn bowl I showed in the last post. (Don't worry, I'll post pics after I finish glazing it.)

Hooray, an energetic, snuffly visit from my favorite li'l guy!!

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Exciting New Pottery - Also, I'm Teaching Again!

Things started out this week with a bang! Actually it was a loud, unexpected SMASH.

Stupid Monday. This used to be a nice, large pitcher.

I usually have more success with my work! I guess accidents like this keep me humble.

This post is filled entirely with commissions, so I'm including some pricing in case you want to commission something of your own! Also, I've put a couple more pieces on Etsy, so check out what's new.

Onto the photos:

 Chips-n-salsa platter, $52

Separate pieces fit easily in the dishwasher.

Happy bear! For an upcoming baby boy (the nursery colors are green and brown):

Lots of room inside. $60

This large vase is much more interesting in person. I should have captured the glaze colors better. I made it for a specific table, and I hope the client likes it!! (Fingers crossed.)

10.5" wide, 7.5" tall

 Children's name stands, $25 each:

Hi, Vlad!

I made a custom planter for Hub in Breckenridge. It's a "full-service technology boutique." That just means it's hip enough to rock a custom logo planter.

I really like the size and shape, and have two more in progress (they're going to two different people). They're about 7" wide, 6" tall, $38 each.

I just finished building a custom double-yarn basket. There's a lot going on here and it's very cheerful! I had such fun coming up with the design with my client: the birds keep yarn from escaping out of the J shape, and the purpose of the third J (closest to the camera) is so that a large skein will lay across the basket and nose right up to the J. Also, on the far end where the bowl folds over, you can just make out two holes for knitting needles. I have spacers in each of the J's and I'm crossing my fingers they don't WARP during the firings.

On Tuesday, I threw a teapot body and lid for the Apothecary in Frisco. I ran out of shelf space so they were perched precariously..... and suddenly....

Flattened on impact!!

All I could think was, "at least it wasn't a finished teapot." Grrr.

This is a teapot I have NOT smashed. How 'bout a round of applause for my restraint? The concept is water + serenity + peacefulness, with Asian influence. Can you see the wavy line across the body of the teapot, just under the handle? At this stage I'm considering using my blue glaze from that line up to the rim, and on the lid, omitting both handles. I'm trying to gently capture the idea of water lapping. (Any input from my client??)

Teapots range from $60-$500+, depending on complexity/customization/scale.
I hope these pieces are dry enough to be added to a bisque tomorrow. The farthest-most tumbler is placed exactly where I had the tall pitcher that I accidentally knocked over. In retrospect, it was a really terrible idea to have it there...

The cute floral mugs are going to Magical Scraps.

The irony is, I like to tell my students that my only rule in the studio is to BE CAREFUL. Sigh. Speaking of teaching, I will be teaching a ceramics class this fall in the Arts District in Breckenridge, Wednesdays 6-8 pm. It will be mostly wheel throwing, but I will also happily cater to students who prefer hand building. Anyone interested in a private class sometime? That can be easily coordinated through the Arts District for $35/hr plus clay for a group of 1-3 students (normally we'll meet for 2 hours each session). If that's not your cup of tea, sign up for my Wednesday class!

There's plenty more I'm working on but details on greenware and bisqueware don't often photograph clearly. Stay tuned for more finished work! If you need anything, please email any time: art [at] Please write "Pottery" in the subject line so your correspondence doesn't accidentally get lost in my spam folder.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


I have posted three items on Etsy. I'm deliberately moving forward with care, savoring each step.

It's overwhelmingly lovely to spend so much time in my studio and on my art and I'm really happy to say I am very busy working on commissions. Hooray! Thank you to everyone who placed an order at Alma Fest because I'm enjoying all of my projects. I'm planning to do my next glaze firing on Saturday (just in time for a baby shower on Sunday) and then I'll have my first round of finished orders to deliver. And I'll post pics here so you all can see the fun I've been having!

Please bookmark my Etsy site so you can purchase pottery any time, day or night! My plan is to add more items in the next few days and then I'll start making new items specifically for the site. First up, new mugs! Any other requests?