Monday, December 2, 2013

Catching up

Monday morning finds me in a good mood, enjoying a cup of coffee. I woke up to my weekly email from Step Forward with Katie - this week's theme is "Practice Makes Perfect," reminding me that I reinforce my habits and beliefs, for better or for worse. I prefer "for better." So today's post is filled with cheerfulness and pottery and I hope it sets you in a good mood, too.

Happy windswept puppy on the mountain behind our house
Today I have three packages of pottery to mail. Thank you for buying my work on Etsy! I have three reviews so far and they are phenomenal! I appreciate these kind people for taking the time to share their feedback.

Enjoying a final moment with a lovely serving platter before I pack it up
I'm on a tight schedule finishing pieces for the Fairplay Bazaar this coming Saturday. I'm impatiently drumming my fingers, waiting for my kiln to cool so I can enjoy the newly glazed work inside! And there's another kilnload of pottery to fire tomorrow.

How time flies! Taking a moment to remember the brief but beautiful autumn...
I have to teach two pottery classes this week since we rescheduled last week's too-close-to-Thanksgiving class. I can't wait to see my students again and soak up their dedication, curiosity, and enthusiasm. For our latest project we made mugs and I'm really impressed with the handles they pulled. Great job, ladies!

Brand new potters at work in the Breckenridge Arts District
Onto custom work. I looooove custom orders and the opportunity to really crank up my creativity. These are quick pics, unfortunately with a low-quality camera, but I have to share anyway because I love these pieces!

Yes! Another planter - happy swimming koi fish to inspire serenity and peacefulness

This is my interpretation of a request for a "girly" design - bouquet of lilies, roses, irises, tied in a pretty bow

Time to glaze some mugs. I have four ballet classes to teach tonight and time is running short!

Have a creative day ~