Friday, April 27, 2012

One Pitcher, Two Handles...

One day in February I dropped by the gallery in Fairplay and chatted with a lovely couple from Georgia. They bought one of my favorite pieces, a tall pitcher (24") with a beautiful aspen handle carved by Piers.

A philodendron vine meanders out of sight

I directed the couple to a local shipping store, confident that the shippers would safely pack and ship the piece to Georgia. Unfortunately, the machine that creates a foam form to cradle the art was not working that day and they used bubble wrap and peanuts instead. Sadly, the pitcher arrived in two pieces.

The customer emailed us photos of the broken handle and Piers began work on a new one.

It must have taken a lot of force to snap the aspen!

Lonely handle piece...

I packed and mailed the new handle this week. The new handle is even lovelier than the last and I can't wait to hear feedback from my customers. Oh yes, and I'm eager to see photos, too!

The new handle is a little thicker than the original. Click for a larger image.

The darker stain offers a striking contrast with the incised metal.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Not enough photos!

I've been sending a lot of cool pieces out the door without taking any photos. Here are a few unglazed shapes:

I can track down a couple of these tomorrow; here are some nice photos I have now:

Mini leafy cups & saucers

These require an extra firing so they weren't ready when I packed up all the other pieces.

Who wants to make espresso?

Here's a new planter for our lemon tree. His roots were poking out of two of the four holes in the bottom of his plastic planter and we had to use heavy-duty cutters to free him! There are no holes underneath my planter; instead, they lead out to the built-in tray so I'll know if any roots start to emerge.

He's getting big already, and tough -- a thorn drew my blood this morning! Now how long before we see some lemons??