Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sneak Peak! Teapots out of the kiln.

The teapots turned out really lovely with the flowers! I really like this glaze combination; it's the same I used for the last teapot set, the creamer/sugar set, and the leafy espresso cups.

I like these leafy tea cups with swoopy handles.
The cups I made to accompany the teapots are drying for a bisque, as well as flour, sugar, and coffee canisters. The canisters look pretty small behind the tea cups, but they're rather large.  Or rather, they're probably about the right size for what they are.  I don't actually know if there's a standard size for these items. Now I have to think about glazes for these; same green/tan combo, or something else? Maybe I'll wait until I make more pieces to make a decision.

The left two cups go with the left teapot above; the right two go with the right teapot

Meanwhile, I've been making more work for Coyote Creek Gallery in Fairplay.  Here's a sampling of some of the work I'll be bringing on Saturday when it's my day to watch the shop.

3 mugs out of a 4 mug set; small green vase
Med-large slightly squared bowls, blue and yellow.
Finally, I wanted to share a quick shot of my muse resting on the couch this morning, clutching a pillow I made, pretending to be asleep so that I don't feel badly walking out the door, away from him and the studio...

See the open eye and twisted ears? He's watching me...

I'm coming back this evening to work on water goblets, a pitcher, and more!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Flowers Everywhere

Last week I realized--in a moment of panic--that I have a show coming up in September! Thankfully I've already made some pieces I'd like to display. I'll continue with other household items (Piers is pressuring me to make a bread box, although I'm pretty skeptical at this point). Oh yes, and I want flowers EVERYWHERE!
The teapot on the left is 7" tall at the height of the handle; the pitcher is 11" tall.
 The pitcher might actually be a wedding gift. That's the intention I had when I made it, but it also fits in well with my flower theme for the show. I'll leave it to my best friend to decide, since it was his brilliant idea to give a custom water vessel in the first place.

I need to make flowery tea cups next.

In other news, Piers is building a wood shed! I'm really excited about it, and it's in a great location. It's below the height of the deck (that's where I'm standing, pointing the camera downward) which means no shadows to block the sunshine. The door frame has a lot of clearance at the bottom so it will be easy to keep the snow cleared away. The large windows are actually shower doors, which won't shatter if hit by a wayward log. Obviously it's not quite tall enough for him to stand inside, but it will be very comfortable for me!

Piers waving the hammer wildly, showing off for the dog (can you hear Vlad barking?)

I'm off to check on my glaze firing, which includes mugs, bowls, leafy tea cups 'n' saucers, and the large columbine planter (which might go in my September show). Then it's time to brainstorm more pieces.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Vlad stays inside the studio on a rainy day

Today I loaded and fired a bisque load and made new clay. I also threw 5 new bowls, 4 mug forms, and 2 cups/saucers à la leafy espresso cup set.

It may not look productive, but it's been a quality day.

Here's a look at the photos chronicling the day's events:

11 am. I pour myself some coffee as I realize Vlad and I are quite bleary-eyed and sleepy.

Vlad chooses the path less caffeinated.

Cannot..... fight.... gravity....

A much-needed bathroom break.
Where was I? Oh yes. Back to the studio.

One must throw oneself wholeheartedly into each task.

Another bathroom break at the end of the day.

There you have it! Tomorrow should be just as enjoyable, and will have a lot more pottery to show for it.