Saturday, July 31, 2010

Where did all the Etsy pieces go?

Yes, I took down my Etsy pieces unexpectedly... I brought them all, plus my new work to Alma for the Festival in the Clouds. This is a wonderful, casual music event the town puts on every year. Alma's website only has three pictures so far; I hope they post more. If you look at the photo with the drum set... that crane is parked behind the house next to mine, so if you imagine turning your gaze to the left.... that's me!

For the past three or four years I've donated ceramics to the Festival in the Clouds, to be given out as door prizes (so that my name gets added to the list of sponsors on the back of the Tshirt) and this year it felt special to have a booth as well. I shared the space with Priscilla Altimari, who I know from the design biz. She designs fantastic handbags from designer fabrics. Yes, I traded her some ceramics for my very own new handbag! I just couldn't resist. It has neutral straw/gold/yellows and fun tassels. Perfect!

Here I am socializing with a young lady who is checking out Priscilla's bags. Totally rocking the bumper sticker I got in my vendor goodie bag. I sold a lot of work, but it felt like I was taking the weekend off because I lounged under our tent, sipping drinks and taking in the music.

August 21 & 22 bring something new to Alma: The High Country Music Festival (check out their site). Priscilla and I are giving the sales angle another go, with fresh items and plenty of enthusiasm. After that I'll make even more pieces, both for Etsy and for a new space in Frisco I'm going to be involved with. Details to follow... For now, I think I have my hands full! I can't keep up with documenting my studio work, but I promise to share some photos very soon.